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You provide content – We do the rest.
From A to Z app development of your digital app magazine. Easily add interactive elements – web, social, video, audio, image gallery & print content into one comprehensive app.


We are taking care of publishing your applications to different marketplaces.
Cross Platform publishing of your magazine for iPhone, Ipad, Android devices.


We are helping you to get more downloads of your magazines and increase in revenue. Announce latest news, releases, issues of your magazine via push notifications

Digital Benefits For Your Magazine

Why To Choose Digital Publishing?

  • Huge Market with over 170 Million iPad Devices!
  • Wouldn’t it be great for your paper magazine be available worldwide? With mobile, it can be!
  • Little Competition with nearly 6000 apps only!
  • Recurring Subscription! Monetize your content with annual, monthly or weekly subscription
  • Tonnes of possibilities with different interactive elements
  • Promote your news or lates releases via push notifications
  • iPad&Android leveled your chances with Newsweek, Time and other big, well-known names. You can sell next to them—on the very same shelf.
  • 170 Mil. Ipad Devices on the Market 100%
  • 6000 Magazines in iStore 15%
  • Minimum Increase on Sales 40%

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About Digital Magazine Association

Digital Magazine Association is a group of professionals in newsstand magazine applications. Our mission is to help print media to expand presence on popular devices with new possibilites. We can help to transfer any magazine into newsstand app within a very short period of time and with minimum costs.

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